Reverend Teng Xiong
Senior Pastor

Married to Kangza Xiong and the both of them have 3 boys ranging from 6 yrs to 13 yrs old.

Graduated from Simpson University in Redding CA with a BA in Youth Ministry in 2000. He served as the Youth Pastor for Grace Hmong Alliance Church in Milwaukee, WI from March 2001 to March 2010.

Began pastoring at Calvary Alliance in January 2013 till now. He is passionate about the word of God being accurately taught.

Reverend Paul Vang
Associate Pastor

 Paul started serving as the Associate Pastor at Calvary since February of 2016. In his position as Associate Pastor, he oversees the Children’s and Youth Ministry of Calvary Alliance.

He is happily married to his wife Gaonouchy since June 27th, 2015, and enjoys her assistance in all of life. Paul graduated in 2013 from Crown College with a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership. After his undergraduate, he served in youth ministry as a volunteer till his call to Calvary in 2016.

In Paul’s ministry, he emphasizes the necessity and sufficiency of God’s word, convinced that is needed and trusting that it is thorough enough. Therefore, the ministry he oversees is grounded on faithfully teaching through the Word of God. His intention for the children and youth of Calvary is to provide big truths that they can grow into rather than small truths they can grow out of. 

Ker Xiong
Pastor Fong Lee
Associate Pastor

Fong is the pastor of Outreach and Hospitality. He began pastoring as an associate pastor at Calvary Alliance Church since January of 2019. Fong graduated from Crown College in 2016 with a degree in Pastoral Leadership. He married in the summer of 2021 to Ashli and finds her a true enrichment to his ministry and personal life. Fong’s hope in ministry is that the church can be sanctified by the Spirit, through the preaching of the Bible exegetically, for the purpose of redeeming the lost in the world. For this reason, Fong seeks to make the Bible foundational to all practices both corporate and individual within the life of the church, so that God’s will can be accomplished according to His design.

Pastor Eric Moua
Associate Pastor

Eric graduated from Toccoa Falls College in the Spring of 2019 and began his Summer internship at Calvary Alliance Church immediately after. At the end of his insternship, by God's leading, was extended an opportunity to serve Calvary Alliance Church as an Associate Pastor. He is married to Kaxee Her and they both have been blessed with a daughter named Irene. Eric's desire in minstry is to glorify God by being obedient to the word of God.